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“My main reason for staring Pilates over 10 years ago was that I was always hurting my back while gardening. I have a tendency to stay out in the garden too long, take too few breaks and therefore had symptoms of stiffness and soreness that would frustrate me. It was beginning to cause me to give up other things I loved.

I found Natural Balance Pilates and started doing Reformer and it has made a world of difference in my body. My posture is much better which in turn has helped my digestion and lung capacity too. My body mechanics improved, I am much stronger in my core and I just feel better.

Women in my class are fun and interesting yet no one gets too personal unless you want to allow that and share things. I would recommend both the mat and reformer classes at Natural Balance highly. I am not sure where I would be without it.”
M. Anderson, Lake Elmo
“I had a wonderful first experience at Natural Balance today with Carol. She is extremely knowledgable when it comes to proper form and breathing for your best fitness results. The studio is very clean, inviting and there is lots of room to stretch and have your "own space" . Parking is very easy and plentiful. I am looking forward to their Pilates mat and reformer classes.”
Roxie R.
“I have been training with Carol at Natural Balance Pilates for 10 years. Through her help I have developed a strength that allows me to keep up with my growing grandchildren. On a recent winter afternoon I took a few of them sledding and was able to not only slide with them but also pull them up the hill in their sleds. It was a great feeling to be so strong and I owe it to Pilates at Natural Balance.”
M. M., Stillwater
“I love Sue’s classes. She keeps things moving and fun and I get a good safe workout. My husband says that my abs are stronger than his. I love the other girls in my class and I feel that when I finish, I have had a little emotional therapy as well as a physical challenge.”
K. M., Stillwater