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Susan Lange


As a long time practitioner and student of physical and mind-body therapies, my studies include Shiatsu Therapeutic Massage, Reiki and Qigong Healing, Z Health Performance Solutions and Stott Pilates Reformer. All of these arts, therapies and techniques are based on the principle of: Discovering the ease and joy of movement and pain free living.

I believe maintaining health is primarily about restoring or relearning movement, breathing and mind/body awareness techniques. The benefits lead to better eating and sleeping patterns, greater perception, calmer mind and emotions, greater energy and passion for life.

My favorite part of teaching is watching my clients grow strong and develop greater confidence, as they move through the world with ease, free from pain or dysfunction. I lead and teach through my experiences in life. Being of an introverted nature, I prefer small groups where I can have one to one contact with my clients. Working with me can be a lot of fun!

I am a grandmother of five who call me "Yia Yia", the Greek word for grandmother. I live on a small homestead of 10 acres in Baytown Township where my husband and I raise bees, chickens and maintain a labyrinth for walking in contemplation.

I am the founder of Nine Cloud Healing, and very happy to be an instructor at Natural Balance Pilates where I have been a student of Carol's for over 13 years.