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Linda Riemenschneider


Having a natural passion for fitness and exercise, I trained in bodybuilding and strength training, but wanted to find more stability, flexibility and a mind/body balance connection. I researched and read about Pilates and eventually found Carol in the late 90’s, who was teaching in the nearby Stillwater area.

After Carol introduced me to Pilates, I noticed changes in my flexibility, posture, and felt a mind/body balance connection. I gradually became a Pilate’s enthusiast and wanted to share my positive outcome with others.

Recently, after retiring over 36 years of public service as a police officer, firefighter and EMS, Carol offered me an opportunity to join her staff as an instructor. I immediately welcomed the opportunity to share my passion and appreciation to what Pilates has done for me.

I am a certified ACE group fitness instructor and currently teach Pilate Mat classes. I want to incorporate the Pilates method while also offering opportunities to strength train to meet an individual’s fitness goals.

Outside the studio, I enjoy experimenting with ethnic cuisines, listening to music, gardening and seeing the great land of America through the windshield of my Harley.