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I have no pilates experience how do I get started:
Call the studio at +1 (651) 295-2198 or send an email to to schedule a free orientation.

How often should I come to a class to see results?
For ideal results 2-3 times per week is best. Classes are designed to work the whole body with each class so you will see and feel your body change in just a few weeks.

I travel and work full time can I still sign up for classes?
We sell our classes in packages of 12. For mat classes you are able to attend classes whenever it works for you. For reformer classes we just require that you let us know 24 hours in advance and we will hold your class for you until you return.

I have some physical issues and I am in my 60’s and have don’t want to hurt myself but need some strength and flexibility badly, can I do classes with my limitations?
Yes, Natural Balance caters to students of all ages but we love the new student who needs a bit more attention and modifications. We will always offer ways to perform the exercise so you feel safe yet challenged.

I have done some pilates mat but never reformer. Where should I start?
Mat classes are a good place to start to reacquaint your body with movement. Many students attend both mat and reformer classes each week. When we meet for the orientation we can discuss what works best for your lifestyle.