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Carol Ricci

Owner and Instructor

My Pilates story began years ago as a young girl who loved sports of all types. With three brothers, there were plenty of opportunities to be active but not many chances to compete and train.

After college, the fitness boom hit and I found a great job doing what I loved, working in the heath and fitness world. While working with people of all ages, I saw the need to offer specific training to women over 40. Traditional weight training methods were intimidating and often times too strenuous on knees and other joints for this group.

During a 1996 visit to a friend in Denver I discovered the Pilates Method. After completing the Stott Pilates Training, I opened Natural Balance Pilates in the spring of 2000. I enjoy working with men, women and athletes but my special love is women who fit the baby boom profile.

Many in this age group feel they need a little more instruction and attention to detail than they can get in a traditional gym setting and this is what I offer. I have lived in the St. Croix River Valley for 21 years and have two college age sons. I love to bike, golf and downhill ski in my spare time.

“I have been training with Carol at Natural Balance Pilates for 10 years. Through her help I have developed a strength that allows me to keep up with my growing grandchildren. On a recent winter afternoon I took a few of them sledding and was able to not only slide with them but also pull them up the hill in their sleds. It was a great feeling to be so strong and I owe it to Pilates at Natural Balance.” - M. M., Stillwater